About Olive Robotics

Olive Robotics started in 2020, on a basis of research and development initiated at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Our vision is to enable AI and robotics for everyone. We want to offer universities, labs, startups, and companies of all sizes the opportunity to utilize our robot kit to intuitively create novel systems. Using our various AI-enabled robot components, we make it possible to create in days or weeks what would otherwise take months or years.

In addition to the modular and intuitive assembly of our robot kit and the endless configuration possibilities, what makes them stand out is the unique software. We have developed software that enables the modules to communicate natively with ROS 1 and ROS 2 protocols at super low latency with IP-based connection. Additionally, each module can run dedicated apps inside. We call these apps “Assets”. Loading assets inside the module and executing using our embedded TPU accelerator can add new functionality to the sensors and actuators in runtime. On top, we introduce the first managed AI and robotics app store, where expert users can share and sell assets in our “App Store” platform. This guarantees the quick and easy plug & play application of our kit without complex programming. 


Mojtaba Leox Karimi


10+ Years Experience in Robotics
2+ Years Experience Product Manager
Strong Embedded and Electronic Engineering Background

Edwin Babaians

CTO – Software Eng.

10+ Years Experience in Robotics and Cloud
4+ Years Experience as CTO
Strong AI and Software Engineering Background

Benjamin Felbrich

CTO – Embedded Eng.

8+ Years Experience in Software and AI

 Strong Embedded and Software Engineering Background

Prof. Eckehard Steinbach

Visionary Leader / Chief Scientist

Full Professor for Media Technology @ TUM
20+ Years Experience in Robotics and AI

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AI - Machine Vision


  • Python and C++
  • ML / Embedded AI
  • TPU Processing

Embedded Hardware Developer


  • Embedded Linux Developer
  • ARM Cortex A7
  • C/C++

Marketing / Customer Development


  • Marketing 
  • Business Model Development