Olive Robotics provides modular robotic building blocks that let you build and program custom robotic systems quickly. We provide physical sensors, actuators, communication units, processing units, power units, and the mechanical hardware to connect these components together (see our hardware documentation) and all comes with native ROS2 communication over USB C and virtual ethernet port.

Just as important as the hardware, Olive also provides ROS2-based apps and examples packages to program and control the robotic system created from these physical components.

Before anything, take a look at the Core Concept of Olive Robotics interoperable components.

Start with one of the following options to get started with your Olive components:

  • Run through the Sensix IMU Quickstart to hook up and visualize the IMU data, no programming required.
  • Start with one of the customizable Olive kits complete with example ROS2 code to hit the ground running, and then modify to suit your needs.
  • Pick your favorite programming language, and get started with our code examples:
    • C++
    • Python
  • Jump into the full tutorial and documentation for each component for more information and advanced concepts:

Quickstart Guides

Sensorix Sensors

Getting Started