Smart Actuator

Smartest Servo Actuator Ever Built With Real-Time Feedback

Key Specifications

Part Number


Drive Technology

Redundant DC-Drive
Resolution 0.02 [deg/pulse]

Feedback / Control rate

Up To 1KHz
Position, Revolution, Voltage, Current, Load, Temp, BEMF, etc..

Data / Power Interface

USB C / 480 Mbps

Communication Protocol

ROS 1&2 (Virtual Ethernet / IPV4)

Performance Characteristics

Stall Torque 9.5 [N·m]
Stall Current 2.4 [A]
No Load Speed 40 [rpm]
No Load Current 1.2 [A]


108 grams

Dimensions WxHxD

60x60x40 mm

Native ROS Messages


Operating temperature

0 ~ 55 °C